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At American Strut Boutique, we are gorgeous. We can’t help it, we just are. Each of our beauty is uniquely ours and we wouldn’t trade the things that made us stand out in the crowd for the entire world of cliché beauty standards!

There’s something you need to know: you’re gorgeous too. No one else in this entire world can do you, except you. Whether you are large or small, lumpy or smooth, curvy or straight—there’s only one of you.

Have you defined your beauty so you can strut your way through life with it? You may be classic, trendy, sassy, voluptuous, enigmatic, subtle… The possible ways to be dynamically stunning in this world are endless. Which way is yours? And more importantly, have you embraced your beauty and used it to leverage your confidence and feminine power?

Perfection isn’t the standard to be met. How can it be in the face of real life? In 2014, real life reached up and tried to knock our co-founder, Christa, right off her feet. A fun ride on a motorcycle turned into an accident that ended with the amputation of her lower left leg. In a flash her independence, her ideas of herself, and her hopes and dreams were all gone.

Or were they? Don’t we all struggle with flaws? Weaknesses? Circumstances we have to overcome in order to be our shining best? With child-bearing, genetics, disabilities, and a hundred other things interrupting our mojo, not many of us will even get in the room with the Hollywood ideas of perfection. What we can do is find our authentic inner self, own it, and use its power to sashay our way through the world, knowing for a fact we are utterly unique, beautiful, and unstoppable.

Christa slowly re-learned how to be herself inside her new reality. She re-defined herself, her strengths, her beauty, and her strut. American Strut Boutique lives and breathes feminine confidence. Take a look at our clothes—you’ll see quality, comfort, flattering fit, and endless verve! Take a look at our models—they look just like you. They’re real!

Define your beauty. Embrace it. Throw off the unreachable standards that surround us and just do you. And let American Strut Boutique be a part of the fun! We’ll help you channel your inner goddess so your outside reflects your already awesome, genuine, exciting, fearless, individual inside.

You’re amazing and your beauty glows! American Strut Boutique offers clothing to let you express yourself, and fantastic customer service that will let you know we’ve got your back 100% of the way. Your success is ours. The world needs you. Go strut your stuff!


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